Episode: #5

Date Recorded: Friday August 1, 2014

Title: At 25 Below Even Ice Struggles

Hosts: Johnny Starr with Ron the Banker

Running Time: 1hour & 4 minutes

Episode #5

Johnny Starr and Ron the Banker meet at Ron’s home studio on August 1st 2014 in the early evening. Sadly the fourth of July is over and John laments over the loss of all his friends and the tumbleweed blowing through his apartment. Some additional topics covered in this pyropodcast include:


~ In anticipation of New Years, North Dakota residents are now allowed to purchase fireworks on January 26th

~The pros and cons of cold weather fireworks

~ An online article titled “How many fireworks do we use on the 4th?”

~The popularity of consumer fireworks compared to commercial fireworks since 2003

~ The crew of “Deadliest Catch” launches fireworks from a boat

~ What besides black powder is in a firework?

~ How much powder is in a typical firework and what is a joule?

~ A man is struck by lightning 10 times and when it’s cloudy his friends stay away 100% of the time

~Ron’s excellent Las Vegas adventure and “Tie Your Mother Down” is a great name for a firework

~ Sting’s estate planning

~ Pyro-Playhouse: Ingrid and Brady play “Guess the fake Firework.

~ The first episode of “Johnny’s Choice” compares: “Cheer Up and Smile” “4th of July” & “Movie Time”

~ The PGI is bearing down on Mason City Iowa and John and Ron talk about the convention

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