Episode #134: Before You Know It There’s No Bolts Left

Hosts: Johnny Starr and Ron the Banker

This episode of the Fireworks Brigade – A Pyro Podcast was recorded in the warehouse of Starr Fireworks in Fargo North Dakota. It’s July 4th and the guys recap the season and look forward to the next year. If you like our podcast, you’ll love our Youtube channel! Some topics covered in this episode are:

Some of the Topics Discussed
  • 2023 Recap
  • 2024 Prediction
  • How much has life and fireworks changed over the years?
  • BOGO issues
  • CBM explanation
  • Papi, Director of HR at Starr Fireworks
  • PGI Outlook
  • NFA Outlook (Johnny’s Hotel & Travel Tips)
  • Finally getting back to China: but at what cost?
  • Fireworks News
  • Chicago NASCAR Update
  • Cabo San Lucas News
  • Pass Along The Fees?

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