Episode #133: Start with the Wire Columbo

Hosts: Johnny Starr and Ron the Banker

This episode of the Fireworks Brigade – A Pyro Podcast was recorded in the warehouse of Starr Fireworks in Fargo North Dakota. It’s the middle of retail week and the guys step away from the showroom and the forklifts to provide a season update. If you like our podcast, you’ll love our YouTube channel!

Some of the Topics Discussed
  • Introductions
  • How Did We Get Here?
  • How Much For 1 of Everything?
  • Pyro Purge
  • 4th of July Memories
  • The Costs of the 4th. of July Celebrations Fireworks
  • Charging by the Mile
  • An Evening With a Pornstar (WWJD)

Visit Starr Fireworks

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