Episode: # 15

Date Recorded:TuesdayMarch 3, 2015

Title: Den of Thieves

Hosts:Johnny Starr with Ron the Banker

Guests: Dino


Running Time:53 minutes

This special episode of the Fireworks Brigade was recorded during ASD Market Week at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas Nevada. Starr Fireworks is an Exhibitor at ASD and this episode was recorded on the convention floor. Dino (the Firecracker Kid)from Starr Fireworksjoins the conversation. Some other topics of conversation include:

~ Johnny’s Moon Pie deficiency

~ Johnny turns to Judaism the Jew and Dino the Gentile, will it sell more fireworks

~ Ron talks about powerful women

~ How to make an illegal Caesar Salad

~ Stripper, hooker or porn star?

~ Is La – Sa a name?

~ Congratulations to Mountain Ridge Little League Champions

~ Pyro Playhouse “Back to School”

~ How much to carry the box upstairs?

~ Handling logistics and conference costs for your fireworks business

~ Personal service will help you secure and keep customers

~ Congratulations to NDCP Varsity hockey team for beating Providence

~ Hockey logistics

~ Las Vegas wedding chapel nightmares

~ Johnny wants a piece of Caesar’s ass

~ Dino’s professional shave

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