Episode: # 13

Date Recorded:SundayFebruary 1, 2015

Title: I’d Like to Have One of Those Cages in My Bedroom

Hosts:Johnny Starr with Ron the Banker

Very Special Guest:Blitz Firework’s John Malam

(Blitzfireworks.com / Blitzeventsolutions.com / @blitzfireworks)


Running Time:1 hour 22 minutes

This episode of the Fireworks Brigade includes a comprehensive depiction of pyro and fireworks in England compared to the United States. Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes, pyro mesh, government restrictions and shipping differences are all discussed. Some of the other events covered in this episode include:

~ 3 strippers, an oiled-up birthday boy, and a small fire can only mean alcohol and bad decisions

~ “Very Bad Things” with Cameron Diaz, Jeremy Piven and John Favreau

~ Kobe Tai sounds like a menu item

~ NDSU Bison The “The Thundering Herd” are saluted

~ Teaching Dino responsibility

~ Blitz Fireworks (Blitzfireworks.com / Blitzeventsolutions.com / @blitzfireworks)

~ The traditions and origins of Bonfire Night / Guy Fawkes

~ Be careful what you agree to give up, you may never get it back

~ UK fireworks restrictions

~ Firework shipping variances between UK and US

~ Pyro mesh

~ Bunker Storage

~ Import versus Wholesale

~ Best firework displays

~ Boomer the Firework Mascot

~ Passfire

~ Pyro Playhouse – Seth Rogen, James Franco, ”The Interview


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