Fireworks Brigade Episode #11

Date Recorded:MondayDecember 8, 2014

Title: Should Old Disco Balls Be Forgot and Never Shined Upon…the ballad of “Auld Lang Sigh”

Hosts: Johnny Starr & Ron the Banker

Special Guest: N/A

Running Time:1 hour 34 minutes

Episode #11


Recent news is full of stories about the regulation and de-regulation of fireworks. Many local municipalities succumb to PC pressures and cancel holiday fireworks displays and the organizers of the events often replace the fireworks with curiously disappointing alternative forms of entertainment. Ron and Johnny discuss the issues and John gets ready to travel to Hawaii to sell firecrackers for the New Year holiday. The ballad of “Auld Lang Sigh” was recorded on Monday December 8, 2014 in Libertyville, Illinois.


Additional topics include:

~ Johnny meets the God of Thunder

~ Johnny plans a dinner party with Gene Simmons and Sammy Hagar, but only if Leo DiCaprio is OK with the guest list

~ Hawaiian firework traditions and poems

~ Why fireworks are important on New Year’s Eve

~ Red paper firecrackers versus clay

~ Grandpa Chucky goes to Cabo

~ The Starr Chamber (Black Cat,                Thunder Bomb,                Wise Guy)

~ Pyro Purge (Malaysian “Ménage a trios”, Baccarat soap opera)

~ Fireworks News

Why is Lois Henry so angry?

Are40,000 people standing on roof tops pointing lasers at a giant disco ball safer than professional fireworks?

The Bright Green Star Man apologizes after a disappointing night

~ Ryan is phenomenal

~ Pyro Playhouse (Breaking Bad)

~ A shout out to our recent Twitter Followers

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