Episode: # 12

Date Recorded:Saturday January 10, 2015

Title: I’m Not Sure I Like People Who Like Katy Perry

Hosts:Johnny Starr with Ron the Banker / Special Guest: Louie

Running Time:1 hour 10 minutes

Episode #12

This episode of the Fireworks Brigade takes a look at how fireworks is portrayed in our culture and has an effect on entertainment. Movies, songs, poems, games and live events that include fireworks are discussed. Some of the other events covered in this episode include:

~ “The Firecracker Thief” children’s poem

~ Pyro effects in live music; Metallica, Pink Floyd, Kiss, Queen, Rush, Motley Crue, Rush, Guns and Roses

~ Pyro effects in live sports; WCW, baseball, football

~ Fireworks in movies; Beasts of the Southern Wild, Bugs Life, Brokeback Mountain, Coneheads, Meet Joe Black, Harry Potter, Manhattan, Mary Poppins, Return of the Jedi, The Little Mermaid, The Natural, Tangled, To Catch a Thief, V for Vendetta

~ Pyro Playhouse; V for Vendetta

~ Songs named “Fireworks”; Moby, Kelis, Gin Blossoms, Tragically Hiop, Katy Perry

~ Pyrochopper traffic reporter “Louie” reports on the tragedy in Michigan

~ Starr Chamber; neon sparklers, bamboo sparklers, Morning Glory

~ Pinball machines with fireworks theme; Coney Island, Pinball Wizard, USA Soccer, Kiss

~ New Twitter followers; Moshe Alnis (@mrkmim), Sirius Pyrotechnics (@SiriusPyro), Fabulous Fireworks (@fabfireworks), Piro-Efx (@PiroEfx), Pinball Podcast (@pinballpodcast), Fully Fused Fireworks (@FullyFused), Cobra Firing Mexico (@CobraMexico), Kissman (@KISSman), Skyburst Fireworks (@SkyburstTFCo)

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