Episode: #40
Date Recorded: Saturday December 10, 2016
Title: Eventually Robot Hookers Turn Into Real Women
Running Time: 1 Hour & 50 Minutes
Hosts: Johnny Starr with Ron the Banker
Special Pyro Guest: James Beavis “Starburst Fireworks” www.starburstfireworks.com
Other Guests: Chris & Louie
Returning Esteemed Guest:Ryan the Non Pedestrian Movie Reviewer

The dog days of the fireworks industry have taken a firm hold on the guys. There are no more conventions, no more sales and no more trips to China. As we say goodbye to 2016, Ron and John talk pyro and interview James Beavis from Starburst Fireworks in Jersey! That’s not New Jersey, but the island of Jersey which is near France and is the size of Disneyland. They review some movies with Ryan and Ron does his best to spread some Christmas cheer with a pyro rendition of the Night Before Christmas. Some of the topics covered in this 40th episode include:

~ Dean vs. Dino
~ Master of Rockets
~ Pyro Purge
~ Hawaii Fireworks Issues
~ Lucky Dragon Casino Grand Opening
~ Possible Fireworks Ban in the Philippines
~ Salt Lake City Disco Ball Update
~ James Beavis Interview
~ Ryan’s Christmas Movie Classics
~ Is Die Hard a Christmas Film?
~ Twas the Night Before Christmas Pyro Style

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