Episode: #39
Date Recorded: Tuesday November 2, 2016~
Title: I’m Not Teflon; Just a Reject
Running Time: 1 Hour & 44 Minutes
Hosts: Johnny Starr with Ron the Banker~

In June, July, August and September Ron and John were on the road. Episodes of the Fireworks Brigade were recorded on location in North Dakota, Indiana and Michigan respectively. The guys were on location and talked a lot of fireworks with many passionate pyros. This episode finds Ron and John all alone and back home safely in Illinois. They are safely secured in Ron’s basement recording studio and John’s been out of pocket and in China for over a month. John travels to China twice a year to design, test and purchase fireworks for the Fourth of July season. Some of the topics covered in this 38th episode include:

~ John’s teflon tendencies
~ Creaky door or flatulent roommate?
~ Election madness and the need for a rape shower
~ Lick the Tomahawk
~ The painting village of Dafen
~ What is John buying for the 2017 Fourth of July season?
~ Finally a Fireworks Brigade 500 gram cake!!!
~ Pyro Playhouse, “A Bronx Tale”
~ Cub fan suicide watch
~ How do you make a 9-shot rack?
~ The good work of Starburst Fireworks
~ India restricts Chinese fireworks
~ Reindeer jerky
~ What would Johnny do?

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