Episode: #2

Date Recorded: Sunday – May 11, 2014

Title: Red and White Striped House of Death

Running Time: 58min 12 sec

Hosts: Johnny Starr with Ron the Banker

Episode #2

Your adored and esteemed hosts, Johnny Starr and Ron the Banker assemble for the second episode of Fireworks Brigade. This explosive, incendiary and flammable podcast is sure to inform and entertain.  Johnny Starr, owner of Starr Fireworks in Fargo, North Dakota, has been designing, importing and selling fireworks and pyrotechnic effects for over three decades. Ron the Banker, part time volunteer and collaborator, spends his Fourth of July with Johnny in the Fargo / Moorhead area selling fireworks to local consumers and wholesalers.

~ Useful tips that will help keep fireworks safe and dry on the day of a show

~ Different fuse types, how fast they burn and which is best

~ The best received 500 gram cakes from the dealer show

“Kiss of Death”                 “Hit Man Artillery”                            “Dark Knight”

“Alligator Alley”             “Protecting Lady Liberty”              “Tribute to USA”

“Fire in the Hole”            “Red Neck Mafia”                               “Insight”


~ The myth of “NEON” fireworks is debunked

~ How to budget your fireworks display

~ “Real Men of Genius” and the Red and White Striped House of Death

~ Most often injured body parts as reported by the U.S. Federal Government

~ “Pyro Playhouse

~ Can a Sucrets tin full of Vaseline be a sure fire cure for chapped lips?

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