Episode: #3

Date Recorded: Sunday June 29, 2014

Title: Grandpa Chucky Goes to the “Flame N’ Go”

Hosts: Johnny Starr with Ron the Banker

Special Guest Host: Keagan

Episode #3

Johnny Starr and Ron the Banker adjourn to John’s office at Starr Fireworks in Fargo, North Dakota. This podcast is recorded sometime after midnight after a long day of working at Starr Fireworks. Retail week has begun and the days just got longer. Keagan, a Long time Starr colleague, joins the guys in the studio. Some of the topics covered in this pyropodcast include:


~ Is it possible to cook a pork chop using a 4 foot sparkler?

~ The Fargo fireworks scene

~ Droughts in Sacramento and “linchpins” with an agenda against consumer fireworks

~ Are lasers better than smoke rockets?

~ Macy’s 4th of July fireworks show returns and people are paying lofty prices to get a bird’s eye view

~ Grandpa Chucky, herding kittens, and John’s responsibilities have finally come home to roost

~ APA facts and figures regarding the growing fireworks industry

~ A late night visit from John’s dad

~ Courtney and Justin play guess the fake firework

~ Savannah and Kris play guess the fake firework

~ What does a half mil get you in Las Vegas and how does it tie in to pyro?

~ Pyro Playhouse visits the Las Vegas strip on the 4th of July

~ Let’s all go to the Flame N’ Go

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