Episode: # 25

Date Recorded:  Friday September 11, 2015

Title: It’s How They “Cull the Herd”

Running Time:  59 minutes

Hosts: Johnny Starr with Ron the Banker

Special Guests: Dino and Steve

The guys remain in Kingsport Tennessee for one more day. The annual NFA Expo is winding down and during the initial portion of this episode, Ron talks with Dino and Steve from the exposition floor. Johnny Starr is noticeably absent as he networks with all of his Chinese suppliers. The second portion of this episode takes place back at the hotel where John and Ron wrap up the expo and talk about things to come. Some other topics covered in this episode include:

~ Passfire movie review

~ The quality of Mexican fireworks

~ Famous people born in Tennessee

~ Real Men of Genius

~ The Final Countdown

~ How the Greeks cull the herd

~ Silver Anniversary

~ Hanging up with Johnny Starr is NOT an option

You can learn more about NFA at: www.nationalfireworks.org

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