#93: The Starr Abides

Hosts: Johnny Starr and Ron the Banker

Special Guests: Steve Houser, President of the National Fireworks Association and Larry Farnsworth, President of Gavel Public Affairs

This episode of the Fireworks Brigade was recorded in the Pyro Podcast studios in Chicago, IL. It’s late May and a typically confident Johnny Starr is somewhat apprehensive about the challenges facing the fireworks industry this year. Fresh off the success of the Livestream Event / Dealer show in Fargo on May 16, John and Ron recap the event and discuss the sales expectations for July 4, 2020.

Some of the topics covered during the discussion include
  • Pyro Purge
  • Dealer Show and Livestream Event Recap
  • 2020 Sales Expectations
  • Cartel Night Master Class
  • Fireworks Show Cancellations Across the Country
  • Steve Houser and Larry Farnsworth Interview
  • Welcome to the Demo Song Parody
  • Other News
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