Episode #74: Think Spring!

Hosts: Johnny Starr and Ron the Banker

This episode of Fireworks Brigade was recorded at the Casa Starr in Cabo San Lucas. As John and Ron des-perately try to stay warm, they make their annual trip to Mexico for the SuperBowl. The guys talk about some Mexican fireworks traditions, cover the latest pyro news and take the time for a Master Class.

Some of the topics covered in this episode include
  • Pyro Purge
  • Starr Fireworks Dealer Show May 4
  • Mexico Fire Works Lesson
  • Fireworks News
  • Dino Roast
  • Johnny Starr Fireworks Judge
  • Master Class “Head or Tails”

Please Google search #SAVEOURFIREWORKS to learn more about the sweeping changes proposed by the CPSC and how to voice your concerns!

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