Episode #73: 10,000 Grams of Cody B

Hosts: Johnny Starr and Ron the Banker

Very Special Guests: Cody B of Cody B Pyrotechnics & CB Pyro Displays

This episode of Fireworks Brigade was recorded at the PyroPodcast Studios in Chicago, Illinois. As John and Ron desperately try to stay warm, they welcome Cody B of Cody B Pyrotechnics, to join them on the PyroPodcast. Cody is the host of one of the most viewed and highly rated pyrotechnic channels on YouTube. There you will find a variety of firework related videos, including demos, reviews, stashes and tutorials. Cody’s young, but with over 12 years of experience, he’s definitely got the passion for pyro. Cody and his fiancée currently operate their own firework display company, CB Pyro Displays. Be sure to follow them on Instagram and like their Facebook page for updates!

Some of the topics covered in this episode include
  • Explosive Compositions Intro (be sure to check out the video on YouTube)
  • Pyro Purge
  • Cody B Interview
  • Master Class with Cody B “Fireworks Brigade 200 Gram Cake”
  • This or That with Cody B
  • Pyro Partner (be sure to check out the animation on YouTube)
  • CPSC Update from Spencer Elg via email
  • Pyro News
  • Pyro Judge
  • Pyro Playhouse
  • Sweet Pyro Time Parody Song (Karaoke video available on YouTube)

Please Google search #SAVEOURFIREWORKS to learn more about the sweeping changes proposed by the CPSC and how to voice your concerns!

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