Episode: # 18

Date Recorded:  Sunday May 31, 2015

Title: When the Starr’s Away the Banker Will Play

Hosts: Johnny Starr with Ron the Banker  

Very Special Guests: Pat, Debbie & Pat


Running Time: 1 hour 29 minutes

Noted filmmaker and podcaster, Kevin Smith is the inspiration of this episode. Ron gathers his mother and cousins to talk while Johnny is in Fargo getting ready for the busy 4th of July season. We hope you enjoy.

Some other topics of conversation

~ Introductions

~ Memories of fireworks, smoldering garbage and home made nuts

~ Can you keep a gun in a safe deposit box?

~ Fireworks mishaps

~ Iggy sold fireworks, was crooked, landed in jail, but he was such a sweet guy

~  Sammy’s was also crooked, but he had wavy hair

~ Who let Frankies stinky feet in the kitchen!

~ The legend of “The Elegants”

~ What does a dream including fireworks mean?

~ Starr Chamber (“Purplicious” vs. “Movie Time” vs. “Happy Panda”)

~ Ron the Banker wore “feety pajamas”

~ Changing campfire colors

~  Pyro Playhouse “Very Bad Things”

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