Episode: # 28

Date Recorded:  Tuesday January 5, 2016

Title: You Can’t Get Shaved Ice at Camp David?

Running Time: 70 minutes

Hosts: Johnny Starr with Ron the Banker

Special Guest: Nick Como, Salt Lake City, Utah – ‎Senior Director of Communication & Marketing at The Downtown Alliance – DOWNTOWNSLC.ORG


Johnny has returned from selling fireworks in Hawaii and he’s no longer “salty”. The guys recap fireworks traditions in Hawaii and around the globe. In a call back to prior episodes, they discuss the giant disco ball and Nick Como, ‎Senior Director of Communication & Marketing at The Downtown Alliance of Salt Lake joins the discussion. Some other topics covered in this episode include:

~ Hawaii Recap

~ What’s Wrong in Hawaii?

~ How Well Does John Know Hawaiian Words?

~ Increased Fireworks Related Police Complaints in Hawaii

~ The Chinese tradition of Red Packets

~ Firecracker Tradition & The Chinese Legend of Nian

~ NYE Fireworks From Around the Globe

~ Sydney

~ London

~ Dubai

~ Rio

~ Hong Kong

~ New York

~ Salt Lake City


~ Nick Como Interview

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