Episode: # 31
Date Recorded: Monday April 4, 2016
Title: I Know Girls and You Think Like One
Hosts: Johnny Starr with Ron the Banker

Running Time: 89 minutes
The Starr Fireworks Dealer Show is a month away and the selling season is right behind. Things are getting interesting; the orders are coming in and John’s ready to embark on trips to Cabo San Lucas Mexico and China. Some topics covered in this episode include:
~ Johnny attends Don Rickle’s 90th Birthday Party hosted by Regis
~ Johnny’s Make – A – Wish moment
~ Mexican and Poland fireworks factories explosions
~ APA Safety report… fireworks are less dangerous than baseball
~ Keegan’s going to dental school and now Starr Firework’s can finally have a dental plan
~ Ron’s and Pauline’s “Couples” personal training sessions are sick?
~ John explains “Tomb Sweeping Day”
~ Possible fireworks restrictions in England
~ Texas Independence Day fireworks
~ Brackets recap
~ Creative ways to disburse your remains / I wanna look like Seabiscuit when I die
~ Jim Nantz’s burnt toast
~ Batman v Superman recap

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