Episode #57: Iguanasicle

Hosts: Johnny Starr and Ron the Banker

This episode of Fireworks Brigade is recorded at Pyropodcast Studios in Chicago. Johnny Starr has returned home from his annual Hawaii trip and he’s ready to talk pyro. Johnny’s a little salty and looks like he’s homeless. He’s ranting about everything from falling iguanas, higher prices for orange juice and global warming.

Some of the topics covered in this episode include
  • Johnny’s homeless
  • No soup for you
  • Havre DeGrace Duck Drop
  • Illegal crackers and pyro devices
  • Mass gropings
  • Australia beach fireworks fail
  • Frequent flyer and pooper
  • Service Dogs
  • WWJD
  • Pyro Playhouse, King Tut
  • Gene Simmons Vault

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